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Jason Cook: Sharing Your Site with RSS

Tara Calishain: "When companies are thinking about out-Googling Google, do you think they're thinking about how to make the interface even faster-loading, even more streamlined, and even more friendly? Or do you think they're thinking about how to look exactly like Google?" 

Aral Balkan wrote a tutorial showing how to build an RSS aggregator in Flash. 

k-collector is an "enterprise news aggregator that leverages the power of shared topics to present new ways of finding and combining the real knowledge in your organisation." 

A trial balloon for an addition to the MetaWeblog API for sequences of photos on weblogs.  

Chronicle of Higher Ed: "Penn State's Graham Spanier wants to make a deal with the music industry. Why not pay a record-industry-approved music service a yearly, blanket fee, Mr. Spanier wonders, and let students download songs as they please? Record-industry officials are skeptical, but say the idea is worth talking about." Indeed.  

The discussion on keeping changes.xml pure continues to be productive, and respectful. It's a marvel of communication. Great work everyone. I think we're figuring it out. Bravo! 

NY Times on White House theatrics. They hired people from ABC and Fox to stage events for them. The pic of Bush in front of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt at Mt Rushmore is beautiful, and frightening.  

Last night I demo'd the viewRssBox macro at the Thursday Berkman Blogatorium, part of the demo of macros.  

Betsy Devine: "Will they take up the growing speculation that Bush's flight suit was -- errrr -- strategically enhanced?" 

To Scoble. Try this at PDC. A meeting with developers. Hopefully not too big a room. Say 100-200 people. Get a facilitator, someone who knows the subject and who is good at asking questions. Microsoft people in the audience, not on stage. The facilitator doesn't work at MS. A few developers on stage, the kind of people who say things that piss Microsoft people off (that's how you know they're saying something). Now ask the people on stage and in the audience how Microsoft could be a better platform vendor. The rule is MS people are not allowed to talk, but you won't be able to stop them. They'll whine about how they're supposed to make money, or no one appreciates them. Which is cool. It's a good idea for developers to hear this. It makes the MS people seem more human. BTW, this idea came two experiences. 1. When I was an Apple developer going to WWDC's, and having only Apple people give presentations. Some big ideas were missed that way. Actually a lot of big ideas. 2. Pushing back at the private briefing for Hailstorm. That's when I heard the whining from MS people. It gave me a clue that they hadn't figured out their product yet, and I have a feeling it gave them a clue too. Probably saved the company millions of dollars.  

I got a fairly angry email from Tim Bray, protesting that he did read the piece that he rebutted. In that email, he encouraged me to implement the Technorati interface, to basically stop being such a stick-in-the-mud religious zealot because it wasn't XML-RPC. I sent him an email back, as clearly worded as possible saying that both the original piece and my rebuttal stated that I had already implemented the Technorati interface. Both times I said it in plain English. I repeated it a third time. Tim never responded, so I don't know whether he got it this time. Here's the fourth. Will anyone read it? Will anyone comprehend what I'm saying? It's stories like this that make me think that Larry Lessig is right, the Internet is indeed dying, right before our eyes. And we didn't need any BigCo muckety-mucks to do it, we did it ourselves. 

BTW, one more thing -- people still, one month later, don't get that when I was writing about browser bugs, I wasn't writing about CSS. They're like robots. They see one of their buzzwords, scan for negative or positive words, and go into action. That's why I said at the time that Mark Pilgrim should write a new tutorial called Dive Into Reading Comprehension. It's a much bigger issue than any of the crap we argue about. Back up a step. Who is listening? Anyone? 

Last year on this day: "When I took my seat, David Reed said something to me privately, that was more important than anything anyone had said at the session, it bears repeating. 'We should just be able to help each other,' he said." 

This afternoon I go for an important medical test following up on last summer's surgery. We're going to find out if all the meds I take have slowed down the disease. Personally, I think they have. But I pray to Murphy, and I also ask for your prayers as well. Namaste! 

BTW, they say don't smoke for at least two hours prior to the test. In the old days that would have been hard. But here's how many hours it's been (approximately): 8064. 


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