Fargo blogging demo

Fargo an outliner and blogging tool.

Fargo is important because

It sets a new standard for blogging in


speed and


The demo

Outline of demo

Create a new blog.

Create the first post. View it in the browser.

Add to the post and view the changes.

Create a second post.


Compare with Tumblr and WordPress

Fargo is strictly higher level than those tools, but everything is still in the web browser.

We got all the power in there without the tradeoff of using a desktop app.

That's why people love Fargo.

It's a homemade demo

It's very rough, I know.

But this is what I have to work with right now.

And yes there are errors

I say there are three items, but there are four.

I say tomorrow is July 14, when it's also today.

The product is beautiful.

Don't miss that.

Come and get it!