Is futuristic contrarian?
Sunday, April 10, 2016 by Dave Winer

A friend in the tech business who I will not name (so as not to embarrass) said, in passing, that I had "contrarian" views.

I had to think about that. Of course to me my views feel anything but contrary. 

He was talking about technology that I played a part in creating. 

I let it sink in for a while. 

"Contrarian" or not, or to what degree, isn't really decidable because it includes perspective. We all have our own. 

Nothing is absolutely contrarian, it must be contrarian relative to something. 

I try to be futuristic. To think the role of business is to grow indefinitely is anachronistic. That's the way it was for most of human history, so it's understandable, but we're on the other side of that now.