Facebook for blogging means engagement
Tuesday, April 26, 2016 by Dave Winer

Earlier today I turned on a new feature in my blog, allowing me to cross-post instantly to my own blog and Facebook, in sync. 

Same content flows through RSS and to Medium not instantly and without sync, but with full fidelity.

Now I can show you the difference in engagement.

First, there is no engagement on my blog. I have comments turned off.

Almost no engagement on Medium. Three people hearted my post. One highlight. No comments.

But on Facebook, even though the piece looks like crap and has no links, the post has a handful of comments and 20 reactions. I have no idea how many views, FB doesn't provide users with that info, as far as I know.

There's the reason I wanted the connection. I missed knowing what people think, and getting ideas from people who read my stuff. Facebook has that.

One more thing. Twitter is not in the loop. With the 140-char limit all I could do was post the title and a link.