Podcast: The Trumpocracy
Sunday, May 8, 2016 by Dave Winer

After writing the bully pulpit piece I turned on the voice recorder on my iPhone and talked for 18 minutes. The result is a rambling diatribe that touches on Steve Jobs, Doc Searls, Joe Trippi, Zuck, linked lists, trees, social graphs, hacking, Doug Purdy, journalism, Twitter, Trump, Bill Gates vs the Internet, minicomputers, mainframes and much much more.

I'm actually kind of pleased with how it came out, but it's rough. But I hope regular readers of this blog will stay with it, because we're coming to the point where tech and politics are fully one and the same, and we aren't well integrated. That means there's lots of stuff we can do, and we'll have to do it if we want to avoid the dreaded Trumpocracy! 

Let's have fun! :-)