Journalism's crisis is the same as the political parties' crisis
Monday, May 9, 2016 by Dave Winer

One more thing...

The crisis journalism is having now is the same one that the political parties are having, only a little quieter and more private.

What changed? Gatekeepers have much less power. This has been true ever since discourse moved to the net. Because networking is so cheap, you don't have to be a political insider to do it, and the reporters have to compete with everyone with a phone for getting the news. 

Journalism has to make the same transition that politics has to make. I've been saying this, as has Jay Rosen, for a very long time. The journalists, like the major parties have resisted, so instead of the change coming gradually, it's a very rapid disruption. 

Last time around the Repubs nominated Romney. This time Trump. It doesn't get much more discontinuous than that. They're both rich. Next time the Trump-equiv won't have to be so rich. Like Bernie Sanders.

Journalism had to open up to allow the readers to publish under their banner, with the help of professionals to turn it into a product that's usable. They didn't do it so Twitter and Facebook stepped into the void. So now news flows through them instead of the big news brands of the 20th century. 

Didn't have to be that way, for either politics or journalism. 

What comes next, what will be different in 2020 and beyond? TV news will be online as well as the written word. Four years from now we won't be going to our set top box to watch the talking heads. And they won't be the same talking heads we're watching now.