The big fat asses of BigCo's
Wednesday, May 18, 2016 by Dave Winer

You could complain about how Facebook destroyed something or you could be part of creating the next thing. And learn from past mistakes. But...

Sometimes big companies park their fat asses on things they don't care about and stop them from growing. That's not destroying -- but it does hold back progress. Consider what Google did to RSS with Reader as an example. Not only couldn't we evolve RSS, but we had to stop using features of RSS they didn't support.

And then of course they killed Reader. Leaving RSS as a burnt out wasteland. Not destroyed, but hurting -- kind of like a chemical waste dump. (Never offered to help with the cleanup, or to help put things back to where they were.)

Facebook has its fat ass parked on top of blogging. And it isn't passing through the very most basic feature of the web -- linking. And like Google, they say it's a matter of limited resources that keeps them from supporting this feature. Well we didn't have that problem until they came along. 

So this is a problem. It doesn't fit the model of destruction leading to creativity. We have to try to co-exist, knowing that if we succeed they will probably interfere with the success. Creates a horrible disincentive. I know this because I live it.