Facebook is blowing us off
Saturday, May 21, 2016 by Dave Winer

I added this postscript to the Facebook version of the latest post

I have the feeling Facebook is blowing us off re linking and style in posts here. Really fucked up. This is a time when we need to communicate more than ever. This isn't a conservative vs liberal issue. It's about the proper flow of information and ideas, and using all the tools we have. To take linking out of the vocabulary of web writers would be like taking punctuation out of the language. Meaning is lost. Greed is okay kind of but not when it interferes with our future.

It's more than a feeling. We've been beating this drum for two years. Facebook isn't killing the blogosphere or the web, but they are crippling the people from organizing using the web. We really need all our tools. That Facebook withholds the ability to link from web writing, well that's really hurting the flow of ideas at a time when we need it to be functioning on all cylinders.