Everything needs a reboot
Tuesday, May 24, 2016 by Dave Winer

I started to write a post about how the blogosphere needs a reboot. 

As evidence, I said the political system also needs one.

As does news. 

As does Facebook and Twitter. (Yes they do, even though their owners may not realize it.)

As does the way we treat our planet.

Then I started looking around.

And realized that everything needs a reboot.

And not the kind of crude America First approach that some Americans seem to favor. Problem with that is that everyone wants to be first. 

And they really mean White America First. I can't get behind that. 

As someone who is approaching senior citizenship (ouch, that was hard to write) I want more respect for people with gray hair. 

Everyone wants more respect.

Everyone. But no one wants to give it. 

I think maybe that's the reboot we need. We need a society that's run by and for adults, with love and consideration for those who will be adults. And people who need love more than most. Which is pretty much everyone.