The West Wing is good medicine
by davewiner Monday, May 30, 2016

I stumbled across an antidote for 2016 election blues. I'm slowly working my way through the first season of The West WingIt happened by accident. I started listening to the West Wing podcast, and that got me interested in watching the show again. 

It's surprising how much of the story still applies, even though political technology has moved a lot since 1999 when it first aired. And many of the things they debate were long-ago settled. You can see that a lot of progress has taken place, and presumably it's all that progress that's causing so much trouble now. 

Sure, it's a fantasy version of what happens in the White House, but since we're already being forced to consider another actor's version, why not look at one that is overly functional and lovably fun, instead of nightmarish. The trance invoked by TWW is like a good trip down memory lane. 

Man we had our shit together back then.

It's good medicine!