The People's PAC
by Dave Winer Friday, July 1, 2016

Bernie had a good idea, but we can do better.

Let's start a People's PAC...

The purpose of the PAC is to produce and run commercials that play in swing states and present ideas and facts in compelling ways that none of the candidates are telling people about.

For example, Bernie and Trump both talk down trade deals like NAFTA and TPP. Sure they suck jobs out of the US (so they say), but did you know they also keep prices low at Walmart and Safeway? 

So here's an ad. 

  • First, talk to economists and ask for a consensus on what a trade war with China, for example, would do to prices of things real Americans buy all the time. Electronics, food, lawn furniture, clothes, household items. 
  • Then walk through the aisles of a store and take pictures of items, and then say what the price was before the trade war, and what the price will be after. 
  • It might be worth paying a lot more for these necessities, because it might mean more Americans have jobs. Might not too, because it could easily mean a depression. 

Okay so how to fund it?

Kickstarter, or Indiegogo. Or a new site just for peer-to-peer PACs.

What kind of talent is needed?

People who know how to...

  • create ads.
  • raise money.
  • buy media.

What else?

I think it's inevitable that we will have PACs that don't endorse candidates and are funded purely by people with small donations that expose lies that cause people to vote against their interests.

When I mentioned this idea on Twitter, Mark Barrington said but HRC is anti-free-trade pacts (and therefore pro-trade-war). That's fine. People should just know what they're voting for. Period. Nothing more than that.