The dog whistles are back
by Dave Winer Monday, July 4, 2016

One of the special things about Candidate Trump was that he didn't seem to use dog whistles that Repubs usually use to invoke the racism of their followers. Trump just went ahead and called Mexicans and Muslims the things the dog whistlers might telegraph through mysterious and deniable slogans.

But now Nominee Trump ran an ad, produced by white supremacists, that has a Star of David with a typical racist slur of Jews, in a typical racist context, that's deniable, but still very clearly a call to Nazis everywhere to say Trump is Our Guy. 

In other words, a tried and true Republican Dog Whistle. 

Trump wants the Nazi vote.

But we fought an existential war against the Nazis, and won. Is this really somewhere that a significant number of Americans want to go? If so, lord help us, because we'll need a lot of that.

What's next -- a picture of a burning cross that isn't a call to the KKK?

Trump lost my vote of course before he started. I'm just using this as a signal to give more money to HRC and to Democratic candidates for Congress.