Why does Google hate the web?
by Dave Winer Wednesday, July 6, 2016

I use Google to find stuff that I read or listened to in the past.

Sometimes I use it to find stuff I wrote.

I understand that they want to force people to switch to HTTPS and to convert their sites to be "mobile friendly." But these two conversions are never going to happen to posts and podcasts that were created in 2013. Or 1998. Or before Google even existed. 

And since these pages and podcasts are primarily there to serve as a record so researchers today and in the future can find them, what purpose is served in reminding me, the author of some of those pages that they are not mobile-friendly? Sounds like a threat. 

All this on top of the horrible way they treated RSS, without an apology, without any offer to undo the damage they did. I guess they're saying that until you get a government to force us to be responsible our answer is that you can fuck off. 

I used to be fairly libertarian. And I used to love Google. 

But now when it comes to Google, let's get them under control. That's why I was heartened by Elizabeth Warren's recent comments. She seems to be the only politician that realizes that tech companies are run by bankers not cute genius baby squirrels. Hopefully many others will follow in that realization.

I also like that Warren speaks in strong unequivocal terms. I've often been the only person doing that. She provides much-needed air cover. 

If you work at Google, you might want to explain this to some of your colleagues. How you treat your environment matters. Google grew up in the web, it's a product of the web, and it's very bad karma to be so hostile to that which made you possible.