President Bush's funeral dance
by Dave Winer Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Like others I was fascinated by President Bush's dance at the funeral for the assassinated police officers in Dallas. 

I find it hard to watch. His wife, former First Lady Laura Bush, clearly didn't approve. Michelle Obama, who was holding his other hand, tried to play along. I watched his face, he seemed genuinely happy. Enjoying himself. I can't really blame a guy for feeling good. It is what it is. If he felt sad, that would have been okay too.

I wondered if perhaps he wasn't suffering from a form of dementia though, to be perfectly honest. He's aged a lot, doesn't look quite himself. He's been out of the spotlight for eight years, I guess. It's a lot of time. 

I wonder if he sees the connection between the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Iraq-like sniping incident that claimed the police lives?

There was a historic context to this event that has been, from what I've heard, largely unexplored. I wrote a piece on Monday about the connection between the war and the unrest in the US in the summer of 2016.