Few in tech saw Pokemon coming
by Dave Winer Thursday, July 14, 2016

Marc Benioff posted something on Twitter that's worth quoting.

No one I know predicted the @Pokemon/AR phenom. That's what I love about our industry: You never know what's next.

That's right.

That's like something I used to say as the web was first taking root.

None of the titans of the software industry saw it coming. 

I remember demoing blogging on Sand Hill Road in 1999 to blank stares. Why would we want to edit our own websites? Our secretaries do that. We hire designers, and programmers. 

So when they tell you they know for sure that the web is dead, or that everyone wants to host their blogs in locked-up silos, or that you can't build a great open social net on RSS, you might want to lower your glasses down your nose and look out over the top and ask Reallly? Are you sure?? ;-)

I've been through a bunch of generations of over-confident tech icons, and they all end up wrong in the end. They're never as smart as they imagine they are.