The Internet's Twitter
by Dave Winer Friday, July 22, 2016

As a user of Twitter, I appreciate that there are lines you can't cross and stay on Twitter. Leslie Jones is a great comedian, and actress, and more remarkable because of her vulnerability. She's an easy target for predators on Twitter, and I like that Twitter is keeping it safe for her to participate. 

On the other hand..

It highlights why we need an open alternative to Twitter.

Back in the beginning of the web, we observed its power was that it was the platform without a platform vendor. That's a defining characteristic. 

  • If there's a platform vendor, it's not the Internet.
  • If there is no platform vendor, it is.

So we need an Internet version of Twitter.

An individual with proper backing can do a Twitter, however it takes at least a small group of designers, architects and developers to create the Internet version of Twitter.

I would very much like to be part of such an effort. 

I want it to be friendly to Twitter, because as a user and a shareholder, and a developer who uses their platform, I want to see it thrive. But I also strongly believe we need the open system, the Central Park to Twitter's condo buildings on Fifth Ave and Central Park West.

If you agree, write a blog post on your vision for the Internet's Twitter, and send me a link. I look forward to reading it. 

Update: John Biesnecker says use XMPP. I've always wanted a simplified API for XMPP. Send a message, get a message.