A Sanders delegate who thinks
by Dave Winer Monday, August 1, 2016

First, please read this Vox article about Pastor Ray Shawn McKinnon, a Bernie Sanders delegate who says he doesn't have the luxury of going Bernie or Bust. The reason, he says, is he's black.

My two cents...

I don't think any of us have the luxury. We just don't know what a Trump presidency would bring. 

Personally I don't think he'd ever take office, even if he wins. I think there would be a coup first. I don't think the oligarchs who really run this place would ever let him run the military and the economy. They may be greedy bastards, but they're not stupid. 

And in a police state even privileged white people are not safe. But we are safer than we'd be with a loose cannon like Trump in the White House. It would be the right choice, but an awful one.

And blacks would have it worse, for sure. But I'm not so sure Jews wouldn't be in trouble too. And of course Muslims and Hispanics. No matter how you try to think it through, it wouldn't be America anymore. It would be Crazy Fucked Up Land, for everyone. 

BTW, sometime before there was the coup, the stock market would crash. 

Mr McKinnon is just being a responsible citizen and parent. Someone who thinks they have the luxury to experiment with our form of government, are not only very wrong, they are very selfish.