Hillary has a podcast
by Dave Winer Friday, August 12, 2016

I just learned about Hillary Clinton's new podcast, here's the RSS feed, and it's in the mix at podcatch.com, so future episodes will show up in the river there.

I just listened to the first episode. It was good, but I can imagine if you're not a Hillary fan you might think it's dorky or self-promotional. But I am on board with her, and I think dorky is fine, esp when the other candidate says he's being sarcastic while he tries to rip up our political system. 

The interviewer, Max Linsky, asked her what's the last thing she thinks of as she goes to sleep. That's the kind of podcast this is. I'm not going to spoil it, but she had a good answer. 

People ask if they did this in response to my Hillary's Daily Show post and podcast. I don't think so. It's not the same idea. They're creating a platform for her to talk directly to her supporters. It'll be a weekly thing, not daily. It clearly won't be edgy, newsy or comedic. But it is a great first step.

I'm always glad when someone I'm interested in starts a podcast. I'm not sure I'll be a regular listener, but I'll certainly listen to a few more shows.

NY Times Run-up podcast

Also, on the subject of new political podcasts, the new NY Times Run-up podcast, two episodes in, is very good. Because it's a podcast they can run whole interviews, not just excerpts. In the first show the star was Newt Gingrich. We got everything including his admonition at the end to not quote him out of context. I actually really like that. I've been hearing Gigrich interviews for 30 years, never heard that part before. 

This week they interviewed a former Trump exec and tried to answer the question we're all wondering about -- What exactly is going on?

A good contribution to the political podcastsphere.