Nerds and hippies
by Dave Winer Saturday, August 27, 2016

When I was growing up I thought people who liked computers were all nerds with thick glasses and those pocket protector things.

Later I learned that there were hippie programmers, who loved programming the way hippies love acid rock, weed, making love not war, patchouli oil, The Dead, getting back to the land, saying truth to power, sticking it to the man, etc etc.

I knew which kind of programmer I would be. 

BTW, I had lots of friends who were the pocket protector types. They were good largely misunderstood people. I found if I gave them a chance we could nerd out and have fun talking about ones and zeros, which can be pretty funny if you really get how they work. 

Now when I hear people say white males are fucked up, I think there must be some white male kids who hear that, and feel doomed. Even when they were planning on living thoughtful, fun, deeply experienced lives. But they have to deal with being bummers instead. Even though inside they want to not be that. All kids are pretty fragile, even privileged future patriarchs. 

Think about the people you hurt when you make generalizations. Think of a white male you like, esp a very young one, as you write it. And think how your idea might bounce off him.