The press and Trump's racism
by Dave Winer Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Read this article by Joan Walsh on The Nation about how badly the press is covering Donald Trump's racism. 

Clinton's great speech on Trump's racism wouldn't have been necessary if the press were doing their job. 

Trump's racism and the racism it enables among his supporters is major news. And it probably connects to Colin Kaepernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem at 49ers game. Imagine being a black person, witnessing the open racism of the Republican Party over the years leading up to this campaign. 

The response to racism is coming out in the open as the racism itself becomes open.

None of this would be a mystery -- if the press did it's job. Biggest domestic story in a long time. But they refuse to cover it. 

Even worse, the press covers it as he-said-she-said when Trump calls her a bigot, as if calling out his racism made her a bigot? Reporters are you really buying this?

As a voter I watch this and see the press as even more of the enemy than Trump. We may dodge this bullet, but will they cover the next one and the one after that? 

I don't know if they think, what they say privately, if they're mentally ill, or totally corrupt, or living in some miserable bubble, but the truth is this -- they're selling us out.