Hillary: Don't accept the premise
by Dave Winer Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hillary should listen to Annabeth from the West Wing

A bit of dialog from S07E01.

Annabeth: Press is here for the Q&A. Now remember, you control the conversation. You don't like what they ask, don't accept the premise of the question.

Leo: That's my line, you know. You're quoting me.

Annabeth: I thought it was Toby.

Leo: Where do you think he got it? I've been rejecting the premises of questions since the Hoover Administration.

Of course a few minutes later Leo accepts the premise of a question and a gaffe follows that they have to live with for a news cycle.

Hillary did this a few times last night. And even worse, not only did she accept the premise of the question, she expanded the premise. Made the question worse than it was.

She needs to go to the West Wing debate prep camp.

Now, DJ Trump takes this to ridiculous extremes. By the second or third word out of his mouth he's skated off in a different direction. The interviewer is left bewildered, so they ask the question again, and he skates right back to where he went before.

I've said this many times, the press has to prepare for these debates as much as Hillary does. DJ breaks all the rules. You have know what to do when he does. I suggest cutting off his microphone when he veers off the topic. I doubt if anything less than that will prevent another debacle like last night.