Journalists who are doing it right
by Dave Winer Wednesday, September 14, 2016

I complain a lot about how journalism is missing the point of the election, but when the VICE press release ran, how they are using the FOIA to find out if Trump is actually being audited, and how seriously the FBI took Trump's talk about 2nd Amendment people. This shook me up, in a good way! Breath-taking. Exciting!!

I love that they're using the tools that journalism fought so hard for to help get at the truth. Trump is hiding behind the IRS. Maybe the IRS can be forced to shed some light.

Then I realized there are other pubs that are also doing exemplary work. I listed a few in a tweet, and also added my must-read political columnists. It's a start. There's still time to do justice to the Trump-as-candidate story. No matter what happens on November 9 that role changes, either to President-elect Trump or TV reality star Trump. 

There's a lot of meat still on this carcass. What journalist who loves news wouldn't be digging into this story with passion and zest?!? They should be like kids on Christmas morning. ;-)

My list

These are my go-to, must-read political writers for this election, so far.

Kurt Eichenwald at Newsweek.

David Fahrenthold at the Washington Post.

Jim Fallows at the Atlantic.

Matt Yglesias at Vox.

Josh Marshall at TPM.

Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid at MSNBC.

VICE for having the guts to use the FOIA to probe the IRS and the FBI re Trump.

FiveThirtyEight, all of it, of course.