The new West Wing starring DJ Trump!
by Dave Winer Friday, September 16, 2016

A win-win. Create a TV reality/drama/sitcom where Trump is president. There's an Oval Office. He can pick people for the cabinet and the military. He would be smarter than the generals. He could defeat ISIS. The "blacks" would love him. Build the wall. Mexico would, of course, pay for it. 

Rudy Giuliani could be Chief of Staff. Jeff Sessions, Attorney General or Secretary of Defense. Peter Thiel would run the Federal Reserve or be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court -- or both -- at the same time! 

Allison Janney as the press secretary.

Joe Arpaio as the head of the FBI.

I think this would give him 100 percent of what he, and his supporters, want. Not kidding. He could be on TV 24-by-7. They could do it from Trump Tower, so he wouldn't even have to go out.

As they say, hilarity will ensue.