Voters are like jurors
by Dave Winer Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A campaign has an obligation to teach the voters how to care about issues, at an emotional level. For example, anyone who depends on ObamaCare should be worried if Trump wins. Repubs have promised to repeal it. They will be able to do it if they control the White House. How many people dependent on ObamaCare will vote against it without knowing? 

I've done jury duty and totally see the parallels. The lawyers train the jurors to vote for the verdict they want. It's always at an emotional level. Same with voting. The emotional core is much more powerful than the intellectual. The campaign must make its case by getting the voter's emotions and intelligence to work together. At least the campaigns I want to support do that.

I'm not sure Hillary gets this. It's why people say she's confusing. I read her op-ed in the NYT today, and there had to be a better way to explain how she planned to help the poor. I'm sure her plan actually does do it, but only because I think she has integrity, not because I understood what she was promising. I'm college-educated, and more. So if she isn't explaining it so I can understand I suspect there aren't many others who will either. 

Too bad, because a con-man is offering us the moon and he sounds somewhat believable if you want to believe badly enough.