Would you share your OPML, again?
by Dave Winer Wednesday, October 5, 2016

In 2006 I had a web service called Share Your OPML. It was fun. It was a way to see what other people were subscribed to, for news and podcasts. But we hit scaling walls, and the project fell into disuse, and eventually I took it down. 

Now we know how to scale much better than we did then, and the community is growing more slowly. So I thought it would be interesting to try it again and see what happens.

So here's the question -- if I put up a web app that asked for your OPML would you upload it?

The caveats -- 1. It's not private, don't upload anything with information in it that you don't want made public. 2. No guarantees that anything will come of it, nor what will come from it. You can't tell where these things lead. It's just an idea. 

So think about it. If there were a way to upload your OPML for sharing, would you do it?