The Deplorables Party
by Dave Winer Tuesday, October 11, 2016

I think we'll look back on this period, after the first debate, the Twitter war with Miss Universe, the leaking of Trump's 1995 tax return, Pussygate, as the period in which the Republican Party finally split in two. The question now is which half is bigger. 

And that's why you see DJ Trump turning his guns on Republicans. 

Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House leads the "traditional" branch. And Trump and his Breitbart cohort will be in charge of the other branch. 

It has been suggested that the name of the new party will be The Deplorables, which I think is a good name, along the lines of the Medellín cartel led by Pablo Escobar who called themselves Los Extraditables, because they feared extradition to the US.

Trump, having lost the general election with four weeks to go, is free to use the power of incumbency as the nominee of the Republican Party, to tear the party in two. After the election, a fair portion of the Republican base will be loyal to him, and therefore some Republican members of Congress will at least be influenced by Trump, if not formally part of his new party. 

If he was able to wreak havoc on the Obama presidency with his birther campaign, imagine what he can do now, with much larger support in what was once the Republican Party.

PS: Maybe Trump isn't Hitler, or Stalin, as we thought earlier, but more like Pablo Escobar?