by Dave the Blogger Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Imagine that a big banking firm has a corporate event in Central Park. They not only trash the place, but they leave behind such a mess that the park isn't usable again for at least ten years. It's possible it may never recover.

Now no one told the bank they had to have their outing in the common space. They could have bought their own land and trashed that instead. 

That's how Google used and then walked away from RSS. We're trying, slowly, to clean up after them, the best we can. And they keep digging out the foundation underneath us. 

To create such a mess and then just leave as if it has no responsibility to clean up after itself, I think eventually we will understand that that is corporate narcissism in the spirit of Exxon and Enron. Goldman Sachs and AIG.

It seems so crazy for Google of all companies to trash open infrastructure on the net. It seems their whole business depends on it.