Thiel buying Twitter?
by Dave The Blogger Saturday, October 22, 2016

There's a story out there that Peter Thiel is forming a group to buy Twitter, making their offer as early as next week. 

Bid for Twitter by a new coalition backed by Peter Thiel won't come before Q3'16 earnings results on Oct 27, sources say.

That's astonishing

Thiel sued Gawker out of existence.

Spoke in support of Trump at the RNC.

Gave $1.25 million to the Trump campaign.

This could be part of Trump's post-election network strategy. Buying Twitter would be a brilliant move. In this context you shouldn't value Twitter as tech properties are generally valued. It's like CNN before the first Gulf War. It's where news makers go to make news. It has no peer, and with network effects, it could be a monopoly for quite some time. To have Thiel in control of that is a very bad deal for everyone who doesn't share his politics. The Gawker suit is all the evidence you need of that. 


I don't know who Kontra is, but he has a fair number of followers.

DHH takes the rumor seriously. 

Here's what I wrote about Thiel being on Facebook's board. 

Obviously Thiel owning Twitter is even more serious. 

PS: Ville Vainio observes "He could just do it as a revenge, again."