Apple makes room for Pixel & Surface
Apple politely moves Mac aside for Microsoft's hot Surface and the jackless iPhone rolls out as the Android Pixel comes to market.
by Dave The Blogger Friday, October 28, 2016

Apple is committing two huge blunders at the same time, through the art of deprecation

First, with the iPhone and it's lack of a headphone jack. Couldn't come at a worse time when Google came out with a conspicuously iPhone-like Android phone, Pixel. Samsung, with even bigger problems, can't fill the gap.

I just took a walk around Manhattan and did an informal survey of people's headphones. Except for me, they all had wires. Bluetooth headphones are great, but haven't made a big dent yet, and as we know Apple's famous wireless buds are delayed.

Second, well at least all developers use Macs right? But the problem is the new laptops are not going to be great development machines. And again, the timing isn't great. Microsoft is achieving serious buzz with their new Surface. I haven't tried it, changing platforms is such a huge pain. I can go a long way with the iMac I use on the desktop and a relatively new MacBook (with a full keyboard). But if they keep impressing people as they have, who knows?

Platform vendors do this a lot, much more than car vendors do, for example. Have you ever heard of a car without a steering wheel? It's going on 100 years. Sure it's old technology, but you can't beat the installed base!

I still own Apple stock, btw -- I may think they're blowing it but I haven't sold out yet.