Apple is a loveless house
It was a mistake to remove the usual jacks and plugs from the new MacBook.The people who buy Macs need powerful machines.
by Dave Sunday, November 6, 2016

Quickly, it was stupid imho for Apple to denude the new MacBooks of the usual jacks and plugs because the people who buy these products are basically people who work for Apple and pay for the privilege of doing so. 

You wouldn't remove an important benefit for your employees without concern for whether they'd quit? You all should be thinking that way about these users. 

They could quit by switching to Microsoft or a Chromebook (I hear both are getting better, btw), or in the way a spouse quits a loveless marriage. They might stay, physically, but you lost their hearts, they might as well be gone for all the benefit you will get from their presence. 

These people should be walking around with huge grins saying "Man I wish Apple would make more products like this so I can buy them and tell everyone how great they are."

This goes back to the beginnings of my bloggings when I wrote about Apple as a loveless house and predicted that developers would eventually stop making babies. They're all on-topic once again. The scale is much larger now of course.