Why did this happen?
I don't think this election was about jobs or money, rather it was too much change, too quickly.
by Dave Winer Wednesday, November 9, 2016

I have to go to sleep, and when I wake up I expect that Trump will be the president-elect. I tried listening to the analysts on the various TV stations, finally they're sobering up, but they haven't figured out that, even now, they're not asking the right questions. 

So why did this happen?

I don't think it's about economics, I think it's about change happening too fast. And the Trump voters had the power to bring it to a screeching halt, they saw the chance and took it. 

The changes are: 1. Technology, 2. Gay marriage, 3. A black president and 4. A woman presidential candidate. 

Imho, that's what this election was about. That's why we're seeing the explosive and probably destructive change we're about to go through. Why we're going to have a president who will at best bumble through his job as he did the job of candidate. But he can bumble for four years, and there isn't anything we can do about it. 

And he can do much more than bumble. He can put his opponent in jail. He can put us in jail. The military likes him, as does the FBI. As do the police, and I'm sure the NSA and CIA. And we know the Russians like him. And we have not much of an idea of who he is. Remember, we never got to see his tax returns. There was a reason to want to see them. 

For me, it's disturbing because everything I planned to do professionally and creatively doesn't seem to make sense anymore. 

And change won't wait until the inauguration, it'll start tomorrow. Actually it's already started.

I'd like to put this program on pause now, and resume it when I'm ready to deal with it, and of course I can't. And that's probably exactly what the people who voted for Trump were thinking.