The fall will kill you
The Trump team isn't even remotely prepared to do the job. They don't know what they don't know.
by Dave Winer Monday, November 14, 2016

A great scene from The West Wing...


It sobered me up. We're all worried that the new #2 guy at the White House is a racist, but we were looking at the wrong thing. It's like CJ says, it doesn't matter if you can swim, the fall is going to kill you.

If that's really the team, Trump, Priebus and Bannon, then you don't have to worry what kind of person Bannon is. They're going to be overwhelmed the moment they get to work. 

President Obama did a press conference before heading to Europe. It was so impressive, his grasp of all the issues, foreign and domestic, wars, health insurance, everything. Not a single gaffe. They were tough questions. Makes you wonder why he can't just do a third term. I don't think anyone thought that about George W. Bush when Obama took over. As I recall, Bush was asking for help before Obama took office.

Read this Matt Yglesias piece for the full picture. This is a case where the headline doesn't do the story justice.

I've seen this happen before with a server I inherited. The domain,, was redirected, and immediately it crashed and wouldn't come back up. Too much traffic. That's what awaits the Trump team when all the urgencies of the world arrive at Priebus' desk, who's much better suited to be political director (Josh Lymon's job) than chief of staff (Leo McGarry).

Hopefully at some point one of the Trump team notices that they aren't ready to do the job, and asks for help from someone who has run a White House. Then they can start building a team. And hopefully someone tells the new president he can't have an neo-Nazi in his White House.