My first podcast with Chris
It's always been hard to find the first podcast I did with Chris Lydon in July 2003. Now I hope it'll be easy to find.
by Dave Winer Tuesday, November 29, 2016

I always have trouble finding the first podcast I did with Chris Lydon on July 9, 2003

We were sitting at a table at Berkman Center, which was located on Mass Ave in Cambridge at that time. For some reason I think the table was outside, but I don't think there actually were any outside tables at that building. Memory is not perfect. 

It took a while for me to get going. Here it is. The sound quality as you would expect from Chris was outstanding. Hopefully now it won't be so hard to find. ;-)

Also, later that month I wrote a longer post about Chris's podcast, which I called a "weblog for the ears." This is before we settled on calling them podcasts (that didn't happen until Sept 2004).