Chris Hayes in TrumpLand
Do Trump voters know that Congress is organizing to turn Social Security, Medicare and the ACA into a tax cut for the wealthy?
by Dave Winer Tuesday, December 13, 2016

So with one tainted election behind us, and the tainted candidate getting ready to take office, what are the chances of the US ever having a non-tainted election in the future? Virtually non-existent, imho.

A few weeks before the election, before the Comey catastrophe, I thought our biggest challenges were climate change and the ineffectiveness of antibiotics. But all that was on a slow track. Now the challenge is right here, right now. 

I watched a town hall meeting on MSNBC last night, hosted by Chris Hayes, with Bernie Sanders as the guest, but the real stars were the voters of Kenosha. It was an eye-opener. Maybe Hayes should do his show from Kenosha for the next month, with guests from the community. There were a lot of juicy threads that were not followed-through on. 

It seemed as if many of them had not met each other before. That was interesting.

The Trump voters, and there were quite a few, said some things that I think they are going to learn are wrong, and that will happen soon, especially if somehow there can be cross-pollination of news from MSNBC-land to and from Wisconsin-land, they might hear about the disasters-in-the-making before they are actually complete. 

A Trump voter said, with no dissension, that the racist stuff that Trump campaigned on wasn't real. But it is real. A Muslim woman there, born in Wisconsin, she spoke with a Wisconsin accent, wore a hijab, said she was scared for herself and her family. There's talk in TrumpLand (the one on Fifth Ave in NYC) of requiring Muslims to register, even Muslims who are American citizens. So there it is. The racism is real. Registering comes first. Then armbands, then... 

Do the Trump voters know that Congress, of the same party as the incoming president, is organizing to turn Social Security, Medicare and the ACA into a huge tax cut for the super wealthy? That's your future. No retirement, even though you already paid for it, and you can buy health insurance with money you don't have from an insurance industry that won't sell it to you. 

They seemed confident that there would be time to vote Trump out in four years. A big misunderstanding about how long it takes to undo social programs if you don't care about the people who depend on them. 

I doubt if the Repubs care one bit about how Mr Trump Voter from Kenosha plans to vote in 2020. Their goal is to loot their future right now. Cleaning up the human mess? Well if there are real elections (see above) and they lose, the Democrats can clean it up, like they did last time. That didn't get your auto plant to come back did it? And it won't get your Medicare back next time. By then your Social Security money will be in the bank accounts of already-rich Repub backers.

I know I'm talking to no one. Nothing can prevent the fall into the abyss. We're not in there yet, but we're going down. Not much more to say.