Ignore Trump as much as you can
Trump is the front-man for the most extreme Repubs. The damage will be done with tax cuts, a new war, and repeal of banking regs.
by Dave Winer Saturday, December 17, 2016

Should you pay attention to Trump's tweets? No.

First, my guess is that Trump made a deal with Pence similar to the one he offered to Kasich. Pence really runs the country and foreign policy while Trump "makes America great again."

Pence is getting the daily briefings, and he will be in the Situation Room when there's a crisis. And he is forming the government. All those meetings and dinners Trump has don't mean a thing. He's not making the decisions. 

The deal they made is that Trump gets to be the frontman, he can talk to other world leaders so it looks to them like he's running things, but it's really the extreme Christian part of the Repub Party that's running things. (And the other world leaders get signals about what's really going on, so they know not to blow up the world because he said something idiotic.)

Trump is the outrageous distraction that draws your attention while the magician is doing his magic. 

Here's what you should be paying attention to: The way the US is going to be looted by the Repubs this time. They'll try to finish the job the Repubs did last time, and to the extent they can, we'll be left with as big a wreck to dig out of when they're finished.

Tax cuts, war and a bubble 

Tax cuts -- they will cut taxes drastically, and pay for it by completing the absorption of "entitlements" like ObamaCare, Medicare and Social Security into the treasury. There's a lot of money sitting there waiting for them to grab. And they do the transfer by cutting taxes.

War -- They'll start another war. This transfers government wealth to defense contractors, all Repubs. 

Bubble -- There will be another bubble, made possible by the repeal of banking regulations. All kinds of scams will be legal. 

That's it. We've seen this before. They can do it all right now because they control Congress and the White House. They will try to do it all very quickly because in two years, they might lose Congress, even with all the gerrymandering and voter suppression they now depend on. This is what you should pay attention to, not whether or not the person who's standing in for Trump on Twitter can spell a particular word.