2017 begins with coffee
An improvised coffee drink gets the New Year off to a great start.
by Dave Winer Sunday, January 1, 2017

It's a long story that I would like to tell you now.

Okay it's not really that long.

Yesterday, late in the afternoon, after a nice walk and bike ride (too cold, too much crazy NYE traffic in NYC) I ordered my favorite caffeinated drink at Starbucks using their iPhone app, which I adore because it lets me skip the two lines you have to wait in. It's a grande Pike Place coffee with three shots of espresso. I figured this would help me make it to midnight. I only had a few sips before my eyes were basically welded open. Enough caffeine. So in the morning I had an almost full cup of room temperature Starbuck's caffeine drink. What to do with it?

So I poured it into a big glass, filled it with ice, added a little half and half and let it sit for a minute for the cold to permeate all the caffeine molecules.

Oh man whoa is it good! Hello! And I'm beginning the New Year wide awake, fired up and ready to go!

I also had a nice bagel and some scrambled eggs.

2017 is turning out to be one of the best years ever.