What's missing in our politics
We are on the outside looking in. I suspect most of the politicians feel that way too. I want a political system that uses all of what we have to give.
by Dave Winer Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Hillary thought that Trump being awful was all she had to show us. She ran ads that said that over and over. Eventually I came to hate those ads, not because of what they said about Trump, but what they said about Hillary and the Democrats.

If they have any passion or drive they don't include is in it. 

Presumably when they talk among themselves there are things they want to do and they explain them with passion. They get excited. They get to work.

But you and I, we aren't part of that.

It's what's wrong with so much about how the world works.

We are on the outside looking in. When they need something from us they market to us with messages, at arm's length. But it's not two way. We aren't part of what's happening.

Obama was a huge disappointment in that way too.

The march this last weekend therefore was amazing. But even there, the decisions were made for us. And going forward, more so.

I want to be part of what's going on because I have ideas and knowledge to contribute. I think in a crude way that's what Trump voters were saying too. I want to be part of this. I want to be inside.

Trump made them feel like they were in, for a bit. But the feeling doesn't matter. What matters is the reality.

Obama did it too. Hillary, no -- her pitch was basically that she'll protect us from Trump and the Republicans. That got her my vote, but not my enthusiasm.