Trump's elite Cabinet
Trump voters need to know how he's not draining the swamp. This should be easy to convey in ads.
by Dave Winer Monday, January 30, 2017

We should be running ads on Fox showing who Trump nominated for Cabinet. I don't think his supporters know they're bankers and billionaires.

The story -- Trump's elite Cabinet. What do they read? Where do they live? How do they travel? Where do they go? They're running a populist campaign, but they are anything but populist. 

This is something the tech industry could help with -- the money to run the ads. Just to bootstrap it, because I'm sure a Kickstarter-like campaign would raise lots of money. 

BTW, this idea came from the latest Frontline, about how the Tea Party got started. I realized I agree with the ideas behind it, the only difference is I know Trump isn't doing what he said he would re the swamp.