Fighting for the soul of America
There's no question that Trump thinks he's a dictator. The question is how will that be resolved.
by Dave Winer Saturday, February 4, 2017

Josh Marshall says that even if Trump doesn't want to be a dictator, he thinks like one. We've known this for a long time. And I don't think there's any question that he wants it. Of course he does. 

Starting early in the campaign he asked why Hillary Clinton was allowed to run. I always wanted to ask a followup: Who does he thinks decides? The answer is of course, in the US, no one. We are all equal. There are rules about who can and can't run, you have to be a citizen, over 35, and born in the US. I think that's about it.

In the US we're all about self-government. This is a basic core value. That's the opposite of how Trump sees it. He thinks that he's the government. We're the subjects. This is the clash of values between the people and the president. I doubt if many of his voters see him as President For Life, but there's no doubt that Trump does. (We should raise this question, with both Trump and the voters.)

Anyway, obviously, now that he's president, he will decide who can run against him in 2020.

Later in the campaign, he said at least once, that we should not bother with the election, let him be president. He might say he was joking, I don't think it was a joke, it was a pitch. 

There were other clues. The "Lock her up" slogan. An insult to the Constitution. It isn't up to a crowd whether or not someone is locked up. That's the point of the Bill of Rights. There's no majority rule when it comes to the rights and freedom of an individual. The individual is sacred in our country.

Also, I'm done being a good guy and giving Trump the benefit of the doubt. When someone tells you who they are, believe them. He has told us his intentions, in plain language, over and over. 

Also, we must not give an inch on the rule of law. While I don't like him questioning the legitimacy of the court, the executive branch is following the court order. I would love to know how that discussion went inside the government. Perhaps it was DHS acting independently? (Update: It was.)

We're going to have a showdown soon, it has probably already started. It's great that the states and the courts are standing up to the president. This is the fight for the soul of America. It's not over yet.