A post for search engines
Some newly accessible archives would like to be indexed by the search engines, please, asap. Many thanks! ;-)
by Dave Winer Monday, February 6, 2017

I'm working on a little project to get the archives of my linkblog online going back to the beginning of 2011, when I started using Radio2. Later I switched to Radio3, but the archives were compatible and were stored in a uniform way, in JSON. 

So this post is probably of little interest to human readers, but hopefully it will be of great interest to search engines. I hope they'll start indexing these pages. That's the reason I wanted to do the archive. Let's see if it works.

So here's the archive page for March 21, 2013, a date chosen totally at random. 

Election Day 2016, and the day after

Election day, four years earlier

March 16, 2011, for no reason whatsoever.

Ten years after 9/11.

I will add some more links here in a bit. :balloon: