BloggerCon in 2017?
The goal is to create an enclave of trustworthy news, to compete with the flows at Twitter and Facebook, which include all flows. I think that's the BloggerCon problem of 2017.
by Dave Winer Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A friend sent a link to a conference called Misinfocon, a joint project between MIT Media Lab and Nieman, two orgs I'm familiar with. 

Here's the problem they're looking at:

Misinformation, and increasingly disinformation, is distorting people’s ability to make sense of the world around them, threatening the democratic process around the globe. While not a new phenomenon, the problem is compounded by both the speed that information travels in our networked world, and the technological and cultural “filter bubbles” that we live our lives in. This is a problem that impacts all of us.

I was trying to figure out if I should go. 

I think the focus should be the other way, on collecting news flows that are reliable, from people and orgs who are trying to get accurate stories. I think that problem is easily solved, and then the next problem is revealed -- how to get people to come there for news.

I can create the flow, I have -- but I can't get people to come there.

I think this requires a change in thinking at the news orgs, that their futures are tied together, that without flowing their ideas through one central place (actually a number of them) they will eventually sink under the weight of all the flows captured on Twitter and Facebook.

We should have done this years ago, but now it's urgent.

So I don't think Misinfocon is for me. I would prefer to have a small meetup with a few systems people from news orgs, and create a UX for news-hungry people that only includes trustworthy pubs. I offer as the seed. 

From there, it could grow the same way BloggerCon grew out of the Thursday evening meetings at Berkman in 2003 and 2004.