A public inquiry into corruption
Corruption in our government isn't hard to find in 2017. It's out in the open. If Congress won't investigate, what's to stop the people?
by Dave Winer Saturday, February 11, 2017

Here's a random thought.

If Congress won't hold hearings into what happened in the elections, and into the president's conflicts of interest, what's to stop an independent organization, like a ProPublica or Snopes, from starting a public inquiry, with televised hearings, that looks into the matter, as citizens. 

Form a shadow government, and out of that bootstrap a new House and Senate that works the way the people want it to work.

I don't imagine you'd have to finish the exercise, though you should. The real reps would get the idea and copy it, which is what you'd hope they'd have the will to do on their own.