Podcast: Calling for a commission
We the people must show Congress what we want them to do, to investigate the Trump connection to Russia as 9/11, the Kennedy assassination and Watergate were investigated.
by Dave Winer Wednesday, February 15, 2017

16-minute podcast with a proposal to pair famous people in politics, law, entertainment, education, sports, one Repub and one Dem, to join together to demand a bipartisan investigation of the connection between Trump and Russia, like the commission that investigated 9/11, the Kennedy assassination, or a select committee like the one that investigated Watergate. 

Ultimately for it to mean anything, Congress has to authorize it, and then step back. Independence is everything. But it won't do for unelected members of the intelligence community, a.k.a. spies, to leak info about elected reps. That would turn the US into a police state, if you think about it. 

Now we must pick up the ball, and show Congress what we want to happen. Demanding it is not enough, we have to show them, with examples. 

BTW, in the podcast I promised to find a video of Sam Ervin, who led the Watergate Congressional inquiry in 1973. If only he were alive today. He was a wonderful, perfect, no bullshit, friendly, lovable, down-home Democrat from North Carolina, who talked like Foghorn Leghorn, who couldn't stand Nixon's bullshit.