Undoing the monster TV created
TV created a monster, I wonder if TV can or will attempt to undo the damage.
by Dave Winer Tuesday, February 21, 2017

I had a weird thought the other day while flipping channels looking for something to watch.

I imagine that most of the entertainment industry is scared shitless of Trump and the rise of fascism in the US. Since Trump is a product of TV, and now we understand how powerful that is, I wonder if the power will be turned in support of self-government and freedom and the rule of law.

TV created the nasty "You're Fired!" mentality. But they also created Friends, and Will & Grace, Seinfeld and other shows I've never watched, but heard about, that are credited with having eased our culture into being okay with different lifestyles.

TV, in my earlier years when I was paying more attention, helped us purge hate, by helping us laugh at a Queens bigot (I'm from Queens, as is our president) named Archie Bunker, and accept that blacks can elevate via The Jeffersons. I wonder what Norman Lear thinks about Trump? The people who did The Sopranos and The Wire?

I wonder if TV will now help us undo the damage they unwittingly begat. Perhaps by having a Trump-like character get what's coming to him. Put him in Archie Bunker's chair, and see what happens. :balloon: