No one is in control here
If there were a crisis, our government, falling apart, would not be able to respond. This is an unacceptable situation. It must be resolved. No time to wait for the crisis to be concluded.
by Dave Winer Saturday, March 4, 2017

It's 1981. President Reagan has been shot in an assassination attempt

Secretary of State Alexander Haig, who was White House chief of staff through the worst of the  Watergate scandal, and was one of Nixon's last advisors when he resigned, goes to the podium in the White House press room and famously says "I am in control here."

He was not in control. Apparently Reagan had not signed a letter that temporarily passed control to the Vice-President, George H.W. Bush. In fact at that moment, it was unclear who was in control. Had there been an attack on the US, he could not have responded as Commander In Chief. The military could not take orders from him. 

It happens. For some amount of time no one is in charge. A treacherous moment in the nuclear age, when devastating, civilization-ending war can happen in minutes. Even if it's just for a few hours it's an imminent catastrophe. 

Right now, in 2017, it's clear that we do not have a functioning government. At any moment a crisis could erupt and we would have no way to respond to it. I don't think we can afford to wait for this slow-drip crisis to resolve itself. It's pretty clear Trump is implicated, he sold out to the Russians, to win the election. Even if he hadn't, he is not doing the job. 

Our immediate priority is to get a replacement government booted up so the US is properly governed.