Radio3 and Facebook
I use Radio3 to post links to Facebook, Twitter and my linkblog. About six months ago the connection to Facebook broke. There is a workaround, but I'm concerned it will stop working altogether soon.
by Dave Winer Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I'm having a problem with Radio3 and its connection to Facebook.

I had it working for a few years without trouble, but then around the end of last year it required me to log to Facebook on every time I used it to post a link. 

I also get notices from Facebook telling me that the app is using an old API that will stop working on March 27. I go to the "version upgrade tool" page, but it has no recommendations.

I've approached this problem twice, through docs and searches, and came up with nothing. As far as I can tell I am still calling the API the way it was intended to be called.

But I'd really like to get it smoothed out again so it remembers its logged in like it used to.

Here's the file that contains my Facebook API interface code. I know it's really rude but I can't think of what to do next other than post a pathetic public plea for help. 

I also prepared two videos demoing the problem and the workaround, from a user perspective.