Today's rescue site:
A lost site with a few interesting stories, an experiment on the path to greatness (or so we hope). The lights come back on in a forgotten corner of my world.
by Dave Winer Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I love the feeling of restoring a broken site with a bunch of good writing on it. Today's rescue site is

Here's an example post from the site. A question I would have asked the actor who played Mike on Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul.

You have to scroll down to read it, but it's expanded. And it has Facebook and Twitter metadata, even though all its sibling content surrounds it. That means it's a dynamic page.

The tools in the left margin are neat. It's navigable using touch. And there are permalinks everywhere, it seems. Try clicking on the Eye icon.

Why it broke: I forgot to map from Heroku to the Digital Ocean server that took its place. 

Thanks to Facebook for including links to stories on this site on my On This Day page. 

It bugged me every time I saw one and it went to a dead page on Heroku. That's motivation. 

Done. Now on to the next thing! :balloon: