We don't do campaigns right
We can get stuff done in campaigns even if our candidate loses. Why waste all that energy. Put it to work!
by Dave Winer Saturday, March 18, 2017

We should do something other than march and yell slogans and root for our candidate. Because they always say stuff that they can't do. It's as if we decide to go crazy the one time when we have any power. Think that's not by design? What if we were really thinking about what we want and need?

So the campaigns are a big waste of time, money and human energy. They accomplish nothing. But what if instead we decided to solve problems with our campaigning. Back in the early 00's I wanted blogging to be something that sprouted up out of campaigns. Or what if we had teach-ins, or did community construction while trying to lift the prospects for our candidates. Or cleanup after a storm. All the supporters convene at a soup kitchen on a given Sunday to feed homeless people. Or just go for a hike all around the city to spread the good energy for our candidate and get some exercise. 

Even if you didn't get elected, something good will still come from the campaign. And the best part, win or lose, the efforts could continue after the campaign. The people would be mobilized around real work, real issues, making things better, 12 months a year, every year whether or not there's a big election.