How do journalists read news?
As a software developer of news reading and publishing systems, I don't have a good idea how most professional news people read the news. I'd like to learn.
by Dave Winer Tuesday, March 21, 2017

I'm going to a journalism conference in Italy in a couple of weeks. 

I wondered how news people get their news. Is it systematic, or do they rely on whatever comes their way on Twitter or through email?

Do they use a news aggregator like Yahoo or Memeorandum? Or an RSS reader?

Are they happy with what they use? Do they think their system could be improved? 

Then, how do they share links with others? Post to Twitter, Facebook, email or?

As a person who develops news reading and publishing systems, I'm embarrassed to say I have very little idea today how people do that, or if the systems they use are good, adequate, great or whatever.