Pissing in Comcast's pool
If we wanted to have fun with Comcast et al we probably could work something out.
by Dave Winer Wednesday, March 29, 2017

So the ISPs are going to be able to sell our browsing history, so maybe we ought to do something to scramble that for them to remove much of the excess value. 

Let's say you and I both agree to pool resources, and we set it up so that when you want to visit a site, it looks to my ISP like I'm visiting it, and vice versa. And then we get a bunch more people to do it and completely randomize it. That's fun, then we can make it work in waves, where all the porn requests go through Comcast on Tuesdays, and all the Breitbart requests go through Verizon on Sundays. On Mondays all the wingnuts turn into eleet libruls and start reading Mother Jones. 

I think if we wanted to, if we derived pleasure in thwarting their primacy over us poor slobs, we could make the data they mine pretty worthless.